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Terra Luna Classic Staking: Best Passive Income In Crypto

When it comes to cryptocurrency passive income there are many options, the issue is that most staking options that earn you amazing passive income are not sustainable. Terra Luna Classic changes this in a massive way, you can sustainably earn up to 30% APR!

This means if you invested $10,000 today you would earn $250 in your first month staking, and because you have auto-compounding options the amount you earn over the course of a year will be immense. The crazy thing is that most people aren't even currently staking, if we look at the current numbers we can clearly see that over 85% of LUNC holders aren't earning any rewards!

Most newbies in crypto are intimidated by transferring their crypto around in order to start earning rewards, and this is what stops them, however its surprisingly simple. I have released a full video on my YouTube channel explaining exactly how you can start staking your LUNC today!

Make sure that you stake with the burn and build node! We burn Terra Luna Classic and bring more utility on-chain by funding developers. Staking button below! (make sure you are on classic chain)

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2022년 12월 23일

does burnandbuild have auto-compounding ?


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