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Terra Luna Classic Massive Burns: 3 More Days!

In 3 more days many more community members will finally have the option of opening up their validator node on the Terra Luna Classic blockchain! This is hyper-bullish for the community for this will allow us to burn substantially more LUNC and also help fund developers further to increase chain utility!

I will be starting my very own Terra Luna Classic node doing just that! Our aim is to burn as much LUNC as possible all the while using our yield to fund developers to make a massive positive impact for the LUNC community! Staking with the Burn And Build node will ensure the future success of Terra Luna Classic!

There will also be many other community members that will provide similar solutions, so consider supporting all your favorite developers and influencers who are making as much of a difference as possible!

As it stands right now the top 7 validator nodes hold the vast majority of the voting power on-chain, and while its great we are supporting our top validators we must consider keeping our chain as decentralized as possible. The best way to do this is to disperse the voting power. I believe no single validator should have more then 12% voting power, this way we can ensure no single individual has too much power. If any of these top validators get compromised it could be damaging for Terra Luna Classic, so we should ensure we are spreading that voting power. Stake with someone new, or stake with the Burn And Build node come October 26th!

Check out the home page, click on the staking button and sign up to the mailing list so you are notified when the node is live! Also make sure to share this blog with your friends in Terra Luna Classic, lets make LUNC a better blockchain together!

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