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Terra Luna Classic Burns are heating up!

Terra Luna Classic has recently got a number of amazing developments when it comes to burning LUNC in the past few days! Lets go over these amazing burn initiatives and how they will affect the price of Terra Luna Classic as time goes on.

Now that we have many new validators working on the Luna Classic blockchain we are also seeing many more contributing to the burn as well, some examples include our node: 🔥Crypto King Burn And Build🔥, HappyCattyCrypto🔥🐧, and Allnodes the largest validator on our chain! If you are currently not staking with someone who support the burn make sure to stake with these community builders who are supporting Terra Luna Classic on a massive scale! Staking with these community builders will help ensure we have the best possible future for our chain!

Outside of this we have many other incredible burning initiatives, a very recent bullish development was Binance announcing they are now transitioning the way they are burning LUNC. Instead of weekly Terra Luna Classic burns they are moving over to monthly Terra Luna Classic burns. Assuming our volume stays relatively similar to what it is now this can have a huge impact on price. We can potentially burn 10's of billions of LUNC every month with this option. While its best to hold your Terra Luna Classic on-chain if you absolutely have to hold your Terra Luna Classic on an actual exchange supporting Binance is the best option to support our community. If you currently don't have an account with them you can sign up using the button below.

Now the absolute best burn of all undoubtedly is the USTC re-peg. This will allow us to burn 10's of billions of LUNC every day! This is our next big step and while we are early on in the steps of planning still we should definitely be focusing full steam ahead on this plan. The re-peg is set to take place in Q1 2023 so this is when you can get excited for Terra Luna Classic to really take off, this in theory should cause far more price action then anything this community has seen to date. Some community members are scared of the re-peg because of what had happened previously, but we must remember this is how LUNC was always built to operate. Many of our existing applications can't function if we don't have a working stablecoin, so solving this issue will be a sure-fire way to revive the ecosystem!

Lets continue supporting those who support us! Together we are stronger. If you would like to represent Terra Luna Classic and also contribute further to the LUNC burn consider picking up some Terra Luna Classic merch in our shop section as well! USE CODE "BURNER" FOR 10% OFF!

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